“The Cops Never Showed Up”: A Story For Anyone Who’s Anti-Gun

Before I share what I just read, know that I’m Canadian and have NEVER been a fan of American gun laws– I’ve always opposed the idea that the average citizen should be able to carry a gun. That being said, I just read something that made me question my thinking.

The following comment was posting on a Reddit Thread about people who’ve killed in self-defense. The author of this particular comment was not writing about killing someone, but instead about why he carries a gun. The author goes by the username of thndrchld, and his story is both terrifying and compelling:


I was raised in a very anti-gun house. My mother absolutely abhors them, so I never had any experience with them, and didn’t really see why we didn’t just pass a constitutional amendment to ban them. Then something happened.

Two years ago, I was standing next to my car, filling up my gas tank at a gas station in a neighborhood that wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad by any means. The friend that was with me was inside the store, buying a snack or something, and taking his sweet-ass time.

I saw a pretty girl walking along the road across the street. I watched her for a few seconds because, hey, hot girl. A car pulled up next to her and followed along slowly, like they were talking to her.

Suddenly three big guys jump out and grab her. They shove her screaming into the back seat, and pull around to the side of the building they were in front of. Another car that was following behind them pulled in and blocked the driveway. This was just before twilight, and the shop was closed.

From where I was, I could still see everything. I was close enough that I could hear her.

They took turns raping her right there in the car. Those not actively involved watched from outside the car, laughing and mocking her struggles.

The instant I realized what has going on, I called 911. I gave them plate numbers, physical descriptions, locations, and a play by play of what was happening, meanwhile, she’s in the back seat trying to fight them off and screaming for help. Two years later, and those screams are still burned into my memory.

Eventually, everybody loaded back up in the cars, and took off down the road at about 80, the poor girl still screaming in the back seat.

I stayed on the phone with 911 the whole time they were raping her. It was about 10 minutes. After they left, we stayed at the gas station waiting for the police.

They never showed.

Let me say that again: I called the police about a violent gang rape and kidnapping in progress, with an active witness giving plate numbers and an exact location, and the goddamn cops never showed up. The police station was only a few minutes away, and we were about four miles from a college campus. You’re telling me nobody was available to stop a fucking gang rape?

That’s when I realized that we’re on our own. Nobody’s coming to rescue us. The police, at their best, are only able to respond to a crime. They can’t prevent it. When it comes down to it, we’re responsible for our own protection.

This poor girl, and I, learned that the hard way.

I now have a carry permit and carry a loaded 9mm with me everywhere I go. I will NEVER stand by and watch someone get hurt like that again. I don’t care if it puts me at risk. It’s easy to say “just call the cops, it’s not your fight” until you’re in that position and have to hear the screams and watch her fight for her life. It’s easy until you see the demented, mocking grins on the faces of the subhuman scum that are brutalizing a helpless girl.

Those screams haunted my dreams for months.

I don’t want to be a hero. I don’t ever want to see and/or hear something like that again. I don’t want to have to get involved. I don’t want to have to draw my weapon. I don’t want to have to fire. I don’t want to have to deal with the police, the court case, and the possibility of going to prison because some jackass district attorney is “tough on gun crime.” But I will. I will do all that because it’s the right thing to do, and because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I stood by helplessly while another innocent life was destroyed.

That’s why I carry.

There you have it. Easily the most compelling case I’ve read in support of American gun laws. Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? Comment with your thoughts.