TIL The Sad Story Behind the Actress Who Voiced Ducky, in “The Land Before Time”.

Ducky, from “The Land Before Time”

The girl who voiced Ducky in “The Land Before Time“, also voiced Ann-Marie in “All Dogs Go To Heaven“, another childhood movie favourite of mine. The actress’ name was Judith Eva Barsi, and she was shot and killed by her own father at the tragic age of 10.

By the age of 7, Judith was making about $100,000 a year, and was able to bring her mother and father off of welfare. It was said that Judith loved voice acting, and wanted to do it into adulthood, however, her father was an abusive alcoholic, whose condition only worsened as Judith’s career grew.

Judith Eva Barsi

On Monday, July 25, 1988, Judith missed an audition for a role in an upcoming TV cartoon series. Two days later, it was discovered that Judith’s father had shot her and her mother in their home, set the house on fire, and then shot himself. Judith and her mother were buried in unmarked graves in the Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Hollywood Hills, California.

All Dogs Go To Heaven” wasn’t completed until 2 years after Judith’s death, and the song that was used in the credits, “Love Survives”, was dedicated to her as a final farewell from the film’s cast and crew. In 2004, a marker was added to her grave. Along with the words, “Our Concrete Angel” the marker also featured Ducky’s signature phrase, as Judith always said that Ducky was her favourite role to play.


TIL There’s a Hilarious App You Need to Download!

After reading some comments on a Reddit Thread last night, Boyfriend and I downloaded a game called SpaceTeam. You need this app.

SpaceTeam is a multiplayer game available for iOS and Android devices, which uses Bluetooth/Wifi to connect players within the same room onto a team of up to 4 people (“a SpaceTeam!”). Together, they must work together to repair a failing spaceship as it attempts to outfly an exploding star.

Each teammate’s phone shows a different control panel, as well as an instruction along the top. The trick is, the instructions you receive,  usually won’t match the control panel you see, so you’ll have to shout out the instruction to your teammates, until the person with the matching control panel fulfills the instruction.

The more levels you beat, the less time you have for each instruction.

Part of the hilarity of this game, is that you end up shouting absolutely ridiculous things, like “WIGGLE THE GIGGAPLEX!” and “FLUFF THE PILLOWS!” I imagine the game would be even more fun with more people.

One of the great things about this game is that Android users and iOS users can play  together, on the same team, as long as they share a Wifi connection. This would make a hilarious icebreaker at a party, or even as a team-building game for a company.

Click Here to Download for iOS or Click Here to Download for Android and don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts once you’ve played it!

Bill Nye vs Creationism: LIVE TONIGHT!

As someone who grew up watching, and loving, Bill Nye the Science Guy (“BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!”), I get pretty excited every time his name pops up in the media. This was especially true of the following image that appeared in my Facebook Newsfeed this afternoon:


THAT’S RIGHT! Tonight at 7:00pm EST (aka 4pm for us Pacific-ers), Bill Nye will be doing a live debate with Petersburg Creation Museum founder, Ken Ham. The debate will take place at the Creation Museum, and will be live streamed HERE.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the backstory behind this is that a few months ago, Bill Nye posted a YouTube video that went viral, stating that Creationism shouldn’t be allowed in schools, and isn’t appropriate for children. Ken Ham made a response video, which also went viral. Now, the two will publicly meet to defend their cases!

I’m really excited about this, and have no idea how it will end. Perhaps it will just reach it’s time limit and be forced to close. Either way, it will surely be worth watching!

Lessons Learned in 2013


Fulfilling a long-time goal, my friends and I all got dressed to the nines for New Years Eve of 2013 and went to a Vancouver club for the midnight countdown. Looking back, I loved dressing up and celebrating with lots of friends, and would aim to create or attend an event with a similar dress code for future New Year’s Eve parties. However, the club itself was an unnecessary expense. I would rather have hosted my own fancy New Years thing at home, with more food, cheaper alcohol, and music volumes that didn’t completely inhibit conversation. Perhaps I’m getting old, but I really don’t enjoy the club scene at all anymore. Even when I want to go out on a regular Friday night, I’m more of a pub girl.


Boyfriend and I made the exciting leap of getting an apartment together in January 2013. We found a large, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment that was ThunderFoots-and-SquirBo-friendly, and it came with two underground parking stalls for us. Our landlord was an absolute sweetie, and everything seemed perfect! However, we soon found out that the underground parkade had serious security issues (and no cameras). There were a number of break-ins within our first three months as tenants, with my car being broken into once, and Boyfriend’s car twice. Thieves also broke into the building once, and drilled out the locks of an apartment a few doors down from us. Luckily, our lovely landlord installed ADT for us, free of charge, and the strata has finally increased the security enough that the break-ins seems to have stopped. However, had we asked the local police department about the area and talked to other tenants before we moved in, we would’ve known this was a problem, and could’ve saved ourselves about $600 in window repairs. Also, on a similar note:


All of our neighbours are Mr. Heckles.

Some people love apartments, and are well-suited to apartment living. Boyfriend and I are not those people. We try very hard to make as little noise as possible (despite our neighbours reluctance to be so courteous), but the fact is that we end up paying over a thousand dollars a month to live in a library. We have to scold the dog for chewing her bone on the hardwood, and we can’t let her or the cat run around at all without the neighbours thinking we’re housing a herd of elephants. Boyfriend has been unable to practice the bagpipes in over a year, and has to be quiet when he plays guitar. We watch movies quietly, we walk quietly, we listen to music quietly, and at night we have to… well, you get the picture. Safe to say that we will continue to live here for the sole purpose of saving money, but our next abode with have to be of the stand-alone variety.



Unexpectedly celebrating her 9th birthday, 8 months after her cancer diagnosis.

On January 23rd, 2013, my beloved 9-year-old dog, SquirBo, was diagnosed with inoperable transitional cell carcinoma and given a 6-month life expectancy. For about a week, I cried every time I thought about it. However, knowing that I could lose her at any moment forced me to spend more time with her whenever I could– if this was to be her last year, I’d be damned if it wasn’t a great one. As it turned out, the awesome staff at Paws and Claws Animal Hospital were able to find a mix of pain killers that not only enabled SquirBo to live comfortably, but seem to have stalled the growth of the cancer. She surpassed everyone’s expectations and is now nearing the one year anniversary of her diagnosis and showing virtually no symptoms. I’m aware that her days are numbered, but I’ll have more than enough time to mourn her once she’s gone. Now is the time to enjoy her presence, and to make sure her last days, however many there may be, are all enjoyable.


In 2013, Boyfriend and I passed the one year mark of our relationship. Not surprisingly, we learned a lot about each other, and ourselves, in our first year together. Specifically, I learned that love, and our relationship, is far more important to me than anything else. There is no remark I want to fight about, no event I want to drag Boyfriend to, and no ex I want to stay friends with, enough that I would do so at the risk of putting a strain on our relationship. For that matter, I have yet to encounter any scenario where I care enough about something that it takes precedent over him. Whether we’re in the midst of a quarrel, or I feel a snarky remark on the edge of my tongue, if it’s not absolutely important to me, it’s better just to drop it. If the fight is alive only because I’m hell-bent on proving that I’m right, it’s just not worth it.


2013 was the first year I really got into fitness, and that’s largely because I made it a priority. Goals are not attained when you workout “when you have time” or “when you have money for a membership”. They’re attained when you cut your night short so you can get up early for your workout, and when you run stairs at the park because you can’t afford gym. You can’t think of fitness as a hobby you find time for; it’s a necessity that other things get worked around. It’s not a matter of “I don’t have time for the gym because her birthday is tonight,” but instead, “I’ll have to workout early if I’m going to make it to her birthday!”. There will always be an event you’d rather attend, an expense you’d rather spend your money on, or an injury that you’d rather nurse. Workouts can be modified, simplified, shortened, and done on a budget, but they can not be skipped. If you wait for a time when conditions are perfect, you’ll never start. If you really want it as bad as you say you do, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

TIL He’s Not An Asshole, He’s Just An Introvert

Does it sometimes feel like your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you?

Does he seem annoyed when you ask him a lot of questions about his day?

Does it sometimes feel like he just wants to be left alone?


… or, he might just be an introvert.

An introvert??

While most people have heard the terms “introvert” and extrovert”, it seems that many only know how to identify the latter. Introverts often get mislabelled as “moody” or “anti-social”, when the fact is that, when cared for correctly, they’re neither. The trick is that they’re likely to become moody, and may seem anti-social, if you try to treat them like an extrovert– Your spending the weekend at home alone? That’s awful! Turn on the radio! Invite a friend over! 

When extroversion is all you’ve known, it can be hard to imagine that anyone could actually enjoy being alone, so we tend to assume that introverts seek solitude because they’re angry or anti-social. However, as is explained in an absolutely fantastic comic I recently read, this is far from the case:


Once you identify someone as an introvert and understand what separates them from extroverts, it can completely change the way you interact with them (and often, for the better). For example, most introverts aren’t likely to be incredibly fond of idle chit-chat. They’re happy to talk when they have something to say, but they don’t feel the need to talk just for the sake of talking. DON’T TAKE THEIR SILENCE AS A SIGN OF ANGER.


As an extrovert, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that when someone is especially quiet, it means that they’re upset about something. This leads to peppering them with questions about what’s wrong, which only irritates them. Accept that an introvert will likely only talk when they have something relevant to say– silence is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong.

Knowing these sorts of differences can make any relationship run smoother. If you think you may be dating an introvert, consider treating the following as a general guide to interaction:

#12 is probably the cause of more relationship and marital troubles than anyone realizes.


Now, if there are any introverts reading this and thinking, “Ah, if only [insert name of extrovert] knew this”, I highly encourage you to show it to them. This knowledge has drastically change the way I view the actions of the introverts in my life, and I try very hard to respect that we respond to things differently (#12, damn it!). HOWEVER, relationships of any kind are a two-way street. So, introverts of the world, here’s YOUR guide to interacting with your extroverted acquaintances:

Just thinking about #2, #8, and #9 make me feel like a kid in a candy store.


Honestly, you have no idea how much this knowledge will benefit your relationships, be they romantic or otherwise. Suddenly, you’re not panicking over why he got annoyed when you peppered him with questions about his day after work. Now you understand why he’s not keen to hit the club all night with you and your swarm of friends. Now you can finally see that he’s not an asshole, he’s just an introvert!