I’m a proud Canadian of Scottish heritage, and I live in British Columbia, Canada with my boyfriend fiance husband and our dogs, Wee Dingwall (aka “Dinger”) and Nacho.

I have a BA in English with an Associate of Arts in Media & Communications, as well as a certificate of fluency in Spanish and a smattering of other random things. I’ve been a retail sales girl, deli girl, winery tour guide, liquor store sampling girl, daycare supervisor, art class model, and a writer for a University newspaper. I spent many years working both as a background performer (aka “extra”) for movies and TV shows, and waitressing (and quite enjoyed both). I now work in Marketing and Communications.

I like to travel and have visited Scotland, England, Peru, South Africa, Australia, Jamaica, Hawai’i, Burning Man, New York, Las Vegas, a few other states, and every province in Canada (none of the territories yet).

Below, I’ve included a self-portrait I did of myself with my eyes closed. I think it’s pretty accurate.


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