A Day in the Life of Maternity Leave

A few people have recently asked me what my day is like now that I’m on Maternity Leave. I’ve found it oddly difficult to answer because I know I’m on my feet all day and it seems to fly by, but I struggle to conjure up exactly what I’m doing. For this reason, I decided to document a day and see where my time goes. So, without further ado- here is the unabridged timeline of the average day in the life of looking after Wee Geordie:

1:50-2:10am  Geordie wakes up so I trudge over to his room and change his diaper, feed him, and put him back to sleep. This is a bit odd because he’s been sleeping through the night lately, but luckily both he and I fall asleep quickly, so this isn’t much of a disruption.

7:00am  I wake up, dress, have breakfast, and pack for my hike. I have to be ready to go before Geordie gets up, just in case he cluster feeds or something goes awry and his morning prep takes longer than expected.

8:00am  Geordie wakes up (officially now), so I feed him, change him, get him dressed for our hike, and get him loaded into the car. I’ve chosen a cute white set of footy pajamas to keep his feet warm as they dangle out of the carrier.

8:30am  Depart for Teapot Hill.

8:45am  Realize I’ve gone the wrong way and have to backtrack. Add 5 minutes to arrival time.

9:05am  Feed and change Geordie at the base of the hike. This is easier to do in my car than on a tree stump halfway up the mountain, so I always try to do a “top up” feed and last minute diaper change right before I start. Gives me the best chance of making it through the hike without having to stop.

9:30-10:50am  Hike.

10:55am  Feed and change Geordie before driving home. Again, easier to do it now than to have him fussing on the drive back.

11:00-11:15am  Drive home. As I drive, I hear the telltale rumble from the backseat that tells me Geordie will need to be changed again when I get home.

11:15am  Now, Geordie typically poops only once per day, so when it happens it can be pretty epic. In a properly sized diaper, it’s just a slightly more time-consuming change. However, Geordie is not in a properly sized diaper because I’m trying to work through the last of my Size 2 diapers before switching him into Size 3 (FYI This is a horrible idea). This is what escalates his regular poopy diaper into a “poop-splosion”.lava.gif

The diaper is too small, so the chaos spills out the front, out the back, out the legs- you name it. I destroy three wipes in my attempt to clean him and decide it’s no use- I strip him down and rinse him off in the bathtub. And don’t forget- he’s wearing white. I toss the outfit aside to be cleaned once Geordie is asleep.

12:12pm  Feed Geordie and get him down for a nap.

12:25pm  Geordie naps while I go downstairs and empty the dishwasher. After, I decide what to make for dinner and pull out some meat to thaw. Then I rinse and spray his massacred white pajamas with a stain remover and let it soak.

1:12pm  Geordie wakes up. This wasn’t a very long nap, so I make a mental note that he’ll probably be tired again soon. I change his diaper and feed him before bringing him downstairs.

1:25-1:58pm  Geordie plays on his playmat while I load the dishwasher and wash the items in the sink that can’t be machine washed.

1:59pm  Geordie tires of his playmat and looks a bit sleepy, so I take the opportunity to load him into the car and head out to pick up an auction item I won on a Facebook Bidding Wars group. Geordie always falls asleep in the car. We’re barely down the street and he’s out.

2:56pm  Return home and feed and change Geordie. I woke him up getting him out of the car, so I put him down to continue his nap while I unpack the boxes of Size 3 diapers I’d previously set aside to finish the Size 2 (don’t ever do this).


3:15pm  It becomes clear Geordie is not interested in sleeping any more. I pick him up and lay him on his stomach on the floor (aka “Tummy Time”) as I read him Dr. Seuss’ ABCs book to him. He digs it. After, I help him practice standing up (he’s quite good!). After 45 minutes or so, he starts showing signs of being tired.

4:14pm  Feed & change Geordie, and put him down for a nap.

4:25-5:10pm  Geordie naps while I do laundry (don’t forget the poop-splosion PJs!) and sort through the coupons and samples I got in the doorprize bag at a recent event.

5:20pm  Geordie wakes up and I bring him downstairs to play on his playmat while I cook dinner. Right about the time I finish cooking, he gets bored and demands attention. While I realize that he will not die of neglect in the time it takes me to eat dinner, “crying baby” isn’t exactly my idea of dinner music. I pick him up and eat in peace, albeit one-handed.

6:10pm  Feed and change Geordie.

6:20pm  At this point he’s acting like he might be ready for bed, but I don’t want to start our bedtime routine too early and run the risk of him waking up in the middle of the night (again). I load him into the stroller and leash up the dogs and we all head out for a walk.

IMG_93216:40pm  We return home and I run Geordie is bedtime bath. This doesn’t necessarily always involve soap (since he’s not always dirty and that’s hard on baby skin), but the warm water helps soothe him to sleep and tells him its time for bed.

6:50pm  After his bath, Geordie gets an arm and leg massage with moisturizer, and then I get him into his fuzzy PJs.

7:05pm  Geordie’s final feed before bed.

7:30pm  Mommy time! With Geordie asleep, the night is mine. I might watch TV or put on a movie, or work on a cross-stitch project I’ve got going. Tonight, I decide to write this blog post.

8:22pm  Just kidding. Geordie’s awake again. Okay, I guess he didn’t get enough to eat. I feed him again and put him back to bed.

9:10pm  What the shit.. he still hasn’t fallen asleep. I can hear him talking to the animals in his mobile. Go to sleep!!

9:45pm  Okay NOW he’s asleep. That was weird. Time for wine.

There you have it. A day in the life of Maternity Leave with baby Geordie. This was a pretty standard day, with the exception of Geordie being a bit fussier than usual at bedtime (he’s typically asleep from 8pm-8am). I also want to point out that there’s a very good chance this is nothing like a day in the life of most women with 3-month olds. Geordie has been nicknamed “Chill Baby” because he is just that- a chill baby. He’s pretty easy going. My hats off to all the mothers who maintain any semblance of sanity while caring for a difficult baby- if Geordie was at all colicky or otherwise difficult, my day would probably look more like this: