A word on Burning Man. And why it should be compulsory.

I’ve tried many times to write a post that accurately conveyed my experience of Burning Man 2011. This one comes close.

Squelch & Whimsy

So my first real piece of writing for the year has to be about Burning Man. No questions. Why? Because this is easily the most inspiring thing to have happened in my life, ever. This piece has been percolating in my head for well over a year now, so well past time to spit it out. Not just due to my apparent ability to excel at procrastinating over writing, but also because it’s just so bloody difficult to capture the burningman-ness of it all and craft it together into a piece of prose that doesn’t end up making you feel frustrated that the person reading it still doesn’t get how incredible it is, AT ALL.

BM (10 of 1) Love is all I got

The first glimpse of the Playa, 2012

It certainly seems that most of my friends and family still can’t wrap their heads around this thing that I do, this going and…

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