TIL There’s a Hilarious App You Need to Download!

After reading some comments on a Reddit Thread last night, Boyfriend and I downloaded a game called SpaceTeam. You need this app.

SpaceTeam is a multiplayer game available for iOS and Android devices, which uses Bluetooth/Wifi to connect players within the same room onto a team of up to 4 people (“a SpaceTeam!”). Together, they must work together to repair a failing spaceship as it attempts to outfly an exploding star.

Each teammate’s phone shows a different control panel, as well as an instruction along the top. The trick is, the instructions you receive,  usually won’t match the control panel you see, so you’ll have to shout out the instruction to your teammates, until the person with the matching control panel fulfills the instruction.

The more levels you beat, the less time you have for each instruction.

Part of the hilarity of this game, is that you end up shouting absolutely ridiculous things, like “WIGGLE THE GIGGAPLEX!” and “FLUFF THE PILLOWS!” I imagine the game would be even more fun with more people.

One of the great things about this game is that Android users and iOS users can play  together, on the same team, as long as they share a Wifi connection. This would make a hilarious icebreaker at a party, or even as a team-building game for a company.

Click Here to Download for iOS or Click Here to Download for Android and don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts once you’ve played it!


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