Thoughts on Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Creation Debate

If you missed tonight’s debate between Bill Nye and Creation Museum founder, Ken Ham, I highly encourage you to view it on YouTube HERE. I watched it live and also took some time to flip through the ocean of #CreationDebate, #KenHam, and #BillNye tweets that flooded the Twittersphere during, and immediately following the debate. Here’s what I’ve walked away with:

Summation: you cannot, and will not, change the views of a devotedly religious person by showing them facts. Ken Ham made that pretty clear. However, this debate garnered a HUGE audience, and if Nye succeeded in making just one skeptical youth question the religious indoctrination of their parents, then it was a success.

Amidst all the heated debating, I was however, happy to see there was one thing everyone agreed on…

Ribbet collage


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