I’m Officially 24!! Yay?

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I turned 24 this most recent Wednesday. Despite enduring many birthdays of friends and relative making jokes about how “old” I’m getting, this is the first birthday on which I actually feel older. I think it has something to do with a “Letter to Me at 25” that I wrote in elementary school. I recall predicting that by age 25 I’d be married and have two kids (one boy and one girl), and I’d be a successful Veterinarian.

Alas, here I am just one year away from that benchmark, and I’m neither a mother, nor a wife, and I gave up my dream of being a Veterinarian when I was 12, after learning how much schooling it would take. Don’t get me wrong– I’m doing really well and I’m happy with my life, but I can’t help but feel that Child-Me would be disappointed.

I wasn’t actually even planning to celebrate– not necessarily because I didn’t want to, but having your birthday on a Wednesday is kind of awkward when you work a 9 -5 work week. As it turned out though, my bosses had tickets to see a Vancouver Canucks games with a business associate that night, but scheduling conflicts arose which prevented them from going. I ended up receiving four free tickets (in great seats, too!)!

535422_10151490968890221_523139178_nThis was especially cool for me because, not only was the game on my birthday, but I’ve never been in the audience at a live hockey game. Ever. I always watch the big games on TV or in local sports bars, but I’ve never been able to go or afford tickets. I even have this awesome Canucks dress that I designed two years ago, which I wear for every game I watch. I made it from an XXL men’s jersey, and I really don’t get to wear it as much as I’d like.

The game was really cool. I love crowds and always find their energy intoxicating (which is good because the $9 beers sort of hinder my ability to get otherwise intoxicated). Between the second and third period, the row of incredibly drunk Aussies behind us serenaded me with a slurred rendition of Happy Birthday, which was pretty awesome. And of course, WE WON! The Canucks defeated the St.Louis Blues 1-0! Thanks for the birthday win, Canucks!

Tonight, I’ll be going for dinner with my Father at The Keg, as per our birthday tradition, and I’ve planned a pub night with friends for later. I’m thinking we’ll go to the Fox and Hound Pub in the next town over– it’s entirely underrated and doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. The food is great, the decor is the best I’ve seen, and the service is usually really good too! If you’re ever in Aldergrove, BC, I highly encourage you to check it out!

Thoughts on Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Creation Debate

If you missed tonight’s debate between Bill Nye and Creation Museum founder, Ken Ham, I highly encourage you to view it on YouTube HERE. I watched it live and also took some time to flip through the ocean of #CreationDebate, #KenHam, and #BillNye tweets that flooded the Twittersphere during, and immediately following the debate. Here’s what I’ve walked away with:

Summation: you cannot, and will not, change the views of a devotedly religious person by showing them facts. Ken Ham made that pretty clear. However, this debate garnered a HUGE audience, and if Nye succeeded in making just one skeptical youth question the religious indoctrination of their parents, then it was a success.

Amidst all the heated debating, I was however, happy to see there was one thing everyone agreed on…

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Bill Nye vs Creationism: LIVE TONIGHT!

As someone who grew up watching, and loving, Bill Nye the Science Guy (“BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!”), I get pretty excited every time his name pops up in the media. This was especially true of the following image that appeared in my Facebook Newsfeed this afternoon:


THAT’S RIGHT! Tonight at 7:00pm EST (aka 4pm for us Pacific-ers), Bill Nye will be doing a live debate with Petersburg Creation Museum founder, Ken Ham. The debate will take place at the Creation Museum, and will be live streamed HERE.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the backstory behind this is that a few months ago, Bill Nye posted a YouTube video that went viral, stating that Creationism shouldn’t be allowed in schools, and isn’t appropriate for children. Ken Ham made a response video, which also went viral. Now, the two will publicly meet to defend their cases!

I’m really excited about this, and have no idea how it will end. Perhaps it will just reach it’s time limit and be forced to close. Either way, it will surely be worth watching!