Why “Waffles and Telepathy”?

Readers often ask, “Why is your blog called, “Waffles and Telepathy”?”.

Or, at least I imagine my readers might ask that, if I had any readers.

“Waffles and Telepathy” comes from a game my friends and I used to play in high school. Whenever we met someone new, we got them to answer two questions:

“If you were offered one super power, what would you choose?”


“What is your favourite breakfast food?”

Where that second question came from, I’m really not sure, but it lead to us breaking people off into categories based on their breakfast preference, much like University students break into groups based on their major. The whole thing became even more fun once we noticed patterns about what type of people typically chose what. Of course, that later morphed into us trying to anticipate what someone would choose, before even involving them.

“What do you make of the new girl?”

“Oh, she’s a pancakes and Shapeshifter girl for sure!”

“You think so? I had her pegged as oatmeal and Mind-Control.”

So, that is where the blog name comes from. I am “Waffles and Telepathy”.


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